It’s Happening: Linkin Park Reunion For 2025 (New Report Revealed)

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Reports circulating from insiders close to Linkin Park have sparked speculation about a potential reunion tour in 2025, with three band members considering the idea of bringing in a female vocalist to fill the void left by the late Chester Bennington.

According to sources cited by Billboard, booking agency WME is actively fielding offers for tour dates, including potential headline slots at festivals, although the band has yet to confirm who will take on the role of lead singer.

The prospect of a female frontperson stepping into the iconic role has stirred conversation within the music community, fueled further by remarks made by Jay Gordon of Orgy during an appearance on Wired in the Empire on KCAL 96.7. While Gordon initially suggested the possibility of a female vocalist joining the lineup, he later clarified that he was not privy to any official information regarding the band’s plans.

Similarly, Linkin Park’s own Mike Shinoda has downplayed rumors of a reunion, emphasizing during a Twitch livestream in 2022 that while he remains in contact with the band, there are currently no plans for tours or albums in the works. Nevertheless, speculation persists, with YouTube commentators Dicodec offering their own conjectures on potential candidates, including the idea of a female Japanese singer given Shinoda’s heritage.

The rumor mill received further fuel when Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee addressed the speculation during an interview with iHeart Radio. While Lee expressed appreciation for the suggestion and recalled her interactions with Bennington during their studio sessions, she clarified that she had not been approached by Linkin Park regarding the role. Nonetheless, Lee expressed openness to the idea, should the opportunity arise.

As anticipation mounts among fans, the music world eagerly awaits an official announcement from Linkin Park regarding the identity of their prospective new vocalist.

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