John Lennon’s New Music Video Features Rare Life Events

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John Lennon, forever captured in countless photos and films, is one of the most iconic musicians in history. From his time with The Beatles to his groundbreaking solo career, Lennon’s musical legacy lives on. Fans are in for a treat with the upcoming release of a collector’s edition, featuring a never-before-seen music video that offers a fresh look into the life of this Beatle legend.

The newly unveiled music video accompanies Lennon’s timeless track “You Are Here,” presented in the form of the Ultimate Mix, giving new energy to this classic song. The footage features Lennon with his muse and partner, Yoko Ono, during his solo art show, You Are Here (To Yoko From John Lennon, With Love), filmed back in 1968.

While Lennon is credited with directing the video, it was shot by William Wareing and Dick Lorriemore and had been stored in the archives for decades. The visuals offer a fascinating glimpse into Lennon’s world as he, along with Robert Fraser and their team, prepares for the art show on June 30, 1968, with the grand opening the following day.

During this time, Lennon was deeply involved in writing and recording The Beatles’ famous self-titled album, known as The White Album, which would be released later that year in November.

“You Are Here” was originally released in 1973 on Lennon’s solo album Mind Games, which reached No. 9 on the Billboard 200 and earned a gold certification, selling over half a million units in the U.S.

Now, Mind Games – The Ultimate Collection is set to hit shelves on July 12, offering fans a deeper look into Lennon’s creative genius. Available in various formats, including a limited-edition Super Deluxe Edition, this collection promises to be a cherished piece for Lennon and Beatles enthusiasts worldwide, with only 1,100 copies available globally.

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