Jon Bon Jovi Has Doubts About Bon Jovi’s Future

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In a recent chat with Pollstar Live!, Jon Bon Jovi opened up about the challenges he’s facing with his voice and what that means for the future of his band, Bon Jovi.

He was quite upfront about the situation, saying, “I’ve been having some trouble with my voice, but I’m getting better. If I can’t perform the way I used to, I might have to stop. We’re making a documentary called ‘Thank You, Good Night’, and it will shed light on what’s next for us.”

Jon also shared some exciting news about celebrating the band’s 40-year legacy, mentioning, “We’re working on a documentary to mark our 40th anniversary and there’s a new album coming out that I’m really excited about. I hope to tour and celebrate with everyone, but only if I can perform at my best.”

Fans have been very supportive after hearing Jon’s words. One fan speculated, “The title of the documentary seems to hint at the future. Maybe they’ll finish with big shows in Vegas or New York, and hopefully with Richie [Sambora] joining them for a final goodbye.”

Another fan praised Jon for his honesty, saying, “It’s great that Jon is so open about this. It’s hard to think about them not touring anymore, but it’s good to know they care about giving us the best show possible.”

Jon has had some noticeable issues with his singing voice lately, which some think might be related to having COVID-19 in 2021. This has sparked a lot of talk about how tough it can be to keep performing at a high level.

Richie Sambora, a former band member, talked about Jon’s voice in a 2023 interview, saying maybe Jon needs some rest to get better. Sambora emphasized how important it is to give fans a great performance and mentioned the uncertainty about when Jon’s voice will recover and if there will be a band reunion.

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