Jon Bon Jovi Signals His Return To Live Stage

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Jon Bon Jovi has exciting news for his fans—he’s returning to the live stage.

In a recent chat with BBC’s The One Show, Jon Bon Jovi talked about his vocal cord surgery and his recovery process. He shared that he’s doing well and is on the road to recovery:

“I’m great. The documentary that has everyone talking was filmed one and two years ago. So, I’m well on the road to recovery. In fact, if you had been in my hotel room today, you would have heard me belting out ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ and other songs.”

He also hinted at his return to live performances:

“I just kept looking at venues I played before, driving through towns and thinking, ‘Gotta get back to work.’”

Sambora’s Words on Jon’s Vocals

In 2022, Jon had surgery on his vocal cords. One cord had shrunk to the size of a thumb, while the other had become as thin as a pinky finger, making singing difficult because the stronger cord was overpowering the weaker one.

Former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora commented on Jon’s vocals on social media. During an online discussion, someone mentioned Jon’s vocal issues, suggesting they were not great:

“I think he has a hearing problem. Jon needed surgery to fix his vocal cords, and he said it sounded 1000000% better. If you are a normal fan, you gotta see the problems too and not just think it’s all super great when it’s clearly not.”

Sambora responded with a similar sentiment:

“Unfortunately, clearly not…”

Bruce Springsteen’s Support

Jon Bon Jovi also talked about how Bruce Springsteen supported him during his recovery after the surgery. Jon explained that during those tough times in 2022, Springsteen was not just a fellow musician but a major source of support:

“Bruce would come to pick me up every couple of weeks. We’d take these 100-mile drives during the time I could barely speak. Just having his support, saying, ‘I’m here for you, man. We’ll get through this,’ meant a lot.”

You can watch the snippet of the interview here.

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