Journey Try Hard To Prove Neal Schon And Jonathan Cain Finally Made Peace

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Journey recently took to their official Instagram to post a photo of Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon together, hinting at a reconciliation between the two band members with a snapshot that seemed to show them burying the hatchet.

The photo was captioned:

“Reunited Pisces BD brothers, shining brighter than ever.”

Neal Schon echoed this sentiment by sharing the post on his Instagram story, drawing mixed reactions from fans. Some celebrated the apparent resolution, with one fan commenting, “Life is too short! It’s heartwarming to see you two brothers make amends. What you’ve created together is remarkable. It’s time to revel in it!”

However, not everyone was convinced of the authenticity of their peace, with one observer comparing them to Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, suggesting a motive of financial gain by stating, “It’s like they’re following Gene & Paul’s playbook… Ousting everyone else to keep more money for themselves… When will it ever be enough?”

The backdrop to this public show of unity was a legal battle that came to light in November 2022, when Schon filed a lawsuit against Cain, accusing him of financial mismanagement. This lawsuit brought their internal discord into the public eye, particularly over allegations that Cain had misused a joint AMEX card, leading to financial strains within the band.

Cain fought back with a countersuit, blaming Schon for racking up over $1 million in personal expenses on the band’s account, which he claimed caused financial difficulties for Journey and impacted their tour budget. Cain’s legal team argued, “Neal Schon’s lavish spending on personal expenses using the shared AMEX card has put a strain on the band’s finances, necessitating monthly payments that the band’s income couldn’t always cover.”

The feud saw a hopeful resolution in January 2024, according to Journey’s drummer, Deen Castronovo, who shared that Cain and Schon had resolved their issues. He expressed relief at seeing the band members come together, saying, “Seeing John and Neil make peace was a huge relief for everyone. It’s challenging to work in a tense environment, and thankfully, that tension has dissipated.”

Castronovo also mentioned that Cain and Schon, along with their partners Michaele Salahi and Paula White, were now collaborating on projects. Despite geographical distances, with Arnel Pineda in the Philippines, the band stays connected and focused on their collective goals.

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