Neal Schon Believes Arnel Pineda Would Be A ‘Nobody’ Without Journey

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Neal Schon, the lead guitarist of Journey, recently addressed rumors about band members Arnel Pineda and Jonathan Cain potentially exiting the group post-tour. Responding to fans on Twitter, Schon confidently dismissed the idea of their departure.

The band has been experiencing internal tensions, highlighted by a legal dispute between Schon and Cain over financial transparency within their joint company, Nomota. Schon’s lawsuit accused Cain of secretive financial activities, while Cain countered, alleging Schon’s extravagant spending habits.

Further conflict arose around Arnel Pineda due to comments from Schon’s wife, Michaele, on Facebook. She suggested that Pineda and Cain should acknowledge their roles in the band, leading Pineda to express his readiness to leave if unwanted and dismiss the need for spiritual guidance from her.

A fan’s query about the future of Journey without Pineda and Cain led Schon to assert that their exit wouldn’t happen. Another fan’s comment, belittling the duo’s significance, was met with Schon’s agreement, criticizing them as “narcissists and pathological liars.” Yet, another supporter defended Pineda and Cain, emphasizing their substantial contributions to the band’s current tour and repertoire. Schon acknowledged this, attributing their success to their association with Journey.

Pineda, upon seeing Schon’s remarks, reiterated his willingness to depart if necessary. Schon clarified his statements, indicating that his ‘nobodies’ comment targeted internet trolls, not his bandmates. He expressed deep respect for Pineda’s talent, suggesting that while Pineda’s success might have been different without Journey, his talent was undeniable.

As Journey navigates these internal challenges, Schon’s statements aim to diffuse tension and maintain a collaborative environment. However, social media interactions continue to fuel the fire, leaving fans hopeful for resolution and continued musical collaboration.


  1. Daniel Herrera Reply

    At this point, old journey needs to stay focused on its new journey! Van Halen became Van Hagar and like it or not, it is and forever will be the best of both worlds!

  2. Tessie Santa AnA Reply

    If you can’t all work together then there is no sense of staying with the group. Ariel you are good, you have such an exceptional voice, you can do it on your own. God gave you a chance to shine because of Journey but I think it is time to leave.
    Good luck on your next journey. God bless.

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