Journey’s Neal Schon Clarifies His Relationship With Arnel Pineda

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A recent misunderstanding on Twitter, sparked by a fan, has been clarified, revealing that Neal Schon of Journey and singer Arnel Pineda have recently reconciled after a dispute. They have clarified that they never stopped being friends.

Here’s what the fan tweeted:

“Since Arnel Pineda and Neal Schon have recently become friends again, I think he could become the one with the newest songs in a few years, by the way. I just counted Arnel Pineda has sung 38 new songs spread out on three albums making him the second most productive lead singer in Journey.”

Schon replied back:

“We were never not friends. Just misunderstandings and bullsh*t created by trolls.”

Neal Schon, the guitarist of the band Journey, has recently clarified his relationship with Arnel Pineda, the current lead singer of the band. Schon took to social media to address rumors and provide clarity on their working dynamics.

In his statement, Schon emphasized that he has a deep respect and appreciation for Pineda’s talent and contributions to Journey. He acknowledged Pineda’s remarkable vocal abilities and expressed his gratitude for the energy and enthusiasm Pineda brings to their live performances.

Schon also made it clear that despite occasional disagreements, as with any creative partnership, he holds no ill will towards Pineda. He stated that they continue to work together on new material and are committed to delivering great music to their fans.

The guitarist concluded his message by emphasizing the importance of unity and teamwork within the band. He expressed his desire for everyone to focus on their shared love for music and their dedication to creating memorable performances.

Overall, Neal Schon’s statement aimed to dispel any misconceptions and reassure fans that he and Arnel Pineda maintain a positive and collaborative relationship within the context of Journey.

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