Keith Richards says new clean lifestyle is “a unique experience”

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Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones is embracing his new sober journey, finding it an interesting change from his previous lifestyle.

Speaking to The Telegraph, he mentioned, that he’s been off cigarettes since 2019, gave up heroin in 1978, and left cocaine behind in 2006. While he still occasionally indulges in a drink, he quipped, “I’m not heading to heaven just yet.” For him, sobriety is a fresh experience.

On the topic of modern music, Richards isn’t a fan of rap. He clarified, “It’s not that I have issues with all pop music, but today’s tunes often lack authenticity.” He yearns for the days of real instruments, contrasting them with what he dubs “elevator music.” He’s not into aggressive rap, noting he gets enough of that vibe without venturing out of his home.

In exciting news, The Rolling Stones are gearing up to drop their latest album, “Hackney Diamonds,” on 20 October. A special treat for fans: it features a collaboration with the iconic Paul McCartney

On this collaboration, Mick Jagger shared his excitement, noting how effortless and enjoyable it was to work with the legendary Beatles’ bassist.

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