Keith Richards sent Jimmy Page a magnum of champagne for playing on the first Rolling Stones single co-written by Ronnie Wood

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Following Jimmy Page’s contribution of a solo to the Rolling Stones’ 1986 song One Hit, Keith Richards of the band gifted the legendary English guitarist a magnum of champagne (To The Body).

Ronnie Wood co-wrote the song with the Rolling Stones, and it was Wood who asked Jimmy Page to appear on the album as a guest.

Page recalled in a recent Instagram post, Ronnie Wood contacted me while I was staying at the Plaza Hotel in New York and invited me to come into the studio and put some guitar on a Keith track, I was really up for this idea as I had done some studio work before on a track playing with Keith at Ronnie’s studio at The Wick in Richmond, England.⁣”

“Actually, the session was not for Keith’s album, it was The Rolling Stones’ and I overdubbed a number of solos over the track. I think it worked out pretty good. Keith kindly sent me a magnum of champagne after the session.”

Ironically, One Hit… was not a hit; in fact, the Stones’ second single from the album Dirty Work, released in 1986, peaked at number 80 on the UK singles chart, becoming their lowest-charting record in the country at the time.

The Rolling Stones chose to produce solo albums rather than tour filthy labor as tensions between Jagger and Richards grew. Richards released Talking is cheap in 1988, while Mick Jagger continued through the 1985s. She is the boss and has exuded coolness since 1987. The Stones would reunite in 1989 and release the Steel Wheels LP, which would be more successful.

Keith Richards also said to Classic Rock during the making of Dirty Work, “I still really enjoy playing with the Stones, I’ve played with loads of other people, too, you know, but I know that whatever it is I do, I can still do it better with the Stones.”

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