Kerry King: “Dave Lombardo Is Dead To Me”

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In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Kerry King expressed a strong disaffection towards his ex-Slayer colleague, Dave Lombardo, stating bluntly, “Lombardo is dead to me.” This remark came in light of Lombardo’s dismissal from Slayer in 2013, an event that still seems to stir strong emotions in King.

King recounted the circumstances leading to Lombardo’s exit, particularly highlighting an incident en route to Australia’s Soundwave festival. According to King, Lombardo chose this moment, when the band was confined on a plane for 14 hours, to publicly criticize him. King felt betrayed, especially since he had been the one advocating for Lombardo’s place in the band against other members’ wishes. “Tom [Araya] had already been in favor of letting him go, and with Jeff [Hanneman] sidelined due to his spider bite, I argued for keeping Dave, believing the fans would not understand a lineup change at that time. His actions in Australia felt like a stab in the back,” King explained.

The conversation also touched on financial disagreements as a factor in Lombardo’s departure. King suggested Lombardo was misled by his then-attorney, who had unrealistic expectations of the band’s earnings. “He was told we were making Metallica-level money, which was far from the truth. It led to misguided demands for a larger share,” King lamented.

In a move forward from past band disputes, King also talked about his upcoming solo project. His debut album, “From Hell I Rise,” will be released on May 17, featuring the lead single “Idle Hands.” The album includes collaborations with Paul Bostaph, another former Slayer member, on drums, Mark Osegueda on vocals, Phil Demmel on guitar, and Kyle Sanders on bass, indicating King’s continued journey in music post-Slayer.

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