Kid Rock’s Violent Reaction to Bud Light’s Trans Partnership Goes Viral

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In response to the news that brewer Anheuser-Busch hired a transgender woman as a Bud Light spokesman, singer Kid Rock used multiple Bud Light containers as targets and shot at them with a gun on Monday.

After learning that trans content producer Dylan Mulvaney was employed by the beer firm, the pro-Trump singer—who was sporting a MAGA hat—said he wanted to convey a “clear and concise” statement.
In a series of videos shared on social media over the weekend to coincide with the NCAA March Madness tournament, Mulvaney, 26 revealed the collaboration.

Even a beer can with her face printed on it was handed to her to commemorate her 365 days of being a woman, which infuriated the singer.

After blasting the cans, the 52-year-old right-wing conservative posted the video online and said, “F*** Bud Light, and f*** Anheuser-Busch.” Have a wonderful day.

However, other Mulvaney supporters declared that they “loved” the way that Bud Light was headed in a more progressive manner.

Fans, who had already criticized the choice to make Mulvaney the brand’s face, responded angrily once more. Former clients videotaped themselves dumping beer into sinks and toilets while others poured the contents of their refrigerators into trash cans.

Anheuser-Bush, however, has defended the TikTok celebrity with more than 10 million followers who has been accused of dressing childishly, claiming the cans were a present to her personally. She is one of the company’s hundreds of influencer partners, they continued.

Kid Rock’s video garnered lots of comments from his followers and fans.

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