Krist Novoselic On Why He Never Wanted To Play Nirvana Songs Again

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Krist Novoselic, the bassist of Nirvana, shared his feelings with NME about the passing of Kurt Cobain and its impact on his relationship with their music. When asked about the possibility of rejoining the remaining band members, Krist expressed:

“I’ve thought about it. In the wake of Kurt’s passing, I once told myself I wouldn’t play those tracks anymore. It was part of my mourning. But when we do play, we ensure it’s a unique experience and remain thankful.”

Krist believes that only the right moment would lead to a reunion. He commented:

“When it feels right and the stars align, we consider it. But for now, we honor Kurt’s memory and do our own thing.”

In 2012, fans speculated about a potential reunion when Dave Grohl invited Krist for the Grammy-winning track ‘Cut Me Some Slack,’ alongside Paul McCartney and Pat Smear.

Reflecting on the experience, Krist said:

“It felt like the band was together again. Paul McCartney, this legendary lefty guitarist, was there, both playing and singing. Winning a Grammy for that was surreal.”

However, any buzz around McCartney stepping in for Kurt was soon quelled by Krist:

“People thought Nirvana might come back with Paul in Kurt’s place, but it was all in good fun. And hearing Paul compliment my basslines? That’s something to remember!”

You can read Kris Novoselic’s interview with NME here.

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