Lars Ulrich Reflects some regrets on Metallica’s Journey and Acceptance

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Recently, Metallica’s official YouTube channel featured a comprehensive So What! interview with drummer Lars Ulrich. He delved into his feelings regarding the band’s earlier records and the notion of “regret.” Responding to a question about his current sense of satisfaction after being in the music scene for years, Ulrich remarked:

“In the present, I’m genuinely at peace with where Metallica stands, and I respect our history. The term ‘regret’ is potent. Everyone might have moments from the past they’d rethink, but that doesn’t mean wanting a do-over.”

Speaking on Metallica’s albums which received mixed reactions, he said:

“Take ‘…And Justice for All’ for example. It has a myriad of opinions about its sound. But without the choices made on that album, we wouldn’t have ‘The Black Album’ as it is. Similarly, the essence of ‘Death Magnetic’ was influenced by ‘St. Anger’. Every album is part of a grander narrative. I’ve learned to embrace this musical journey.”

In the same conversation, while discussing the making of Metallica’s newest album, ’72 Seasons’, Ulrich emphasized:

“Each album inadvertently reflects its predecessor. Your feelings about an earlier album shape the direction of the subsequent one. It’s like a chain where every link depends on the one before.”

Touching on ‘Hardwired’ as an influential predecessor for this album, Ulrich shared that Metallica adapted to the times by employing digital tools and online sessions amid the pandemic for the album’s production.

Expressing satisfaction with the outcome, he noted:

“Eight of the new tracks have made it to our live sets and resonate well with the audience. While some songs might hold a deeper place in fans’ hearts, overall, we’re thrilled with our direction. Simply put, no alarms are ringing for us.”

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