Lars Ulrich Shares His Current Favorite Drummer

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On a recent episode of ‘The Metallica Report’ podcast, Lars Ulrich opened up about his current music preferences and offered fans some insights.

Currently, Lars is engrossed in a Blue Öyster Cult phase. He explained, “Music influences me in cycles. I dive deep into different artists at varying times. For the longest time, ‘Secret Treaties’ by Blue Öyster Cult has been my constant. But lately, I’ve found myself immersed in ‘Tyranny And Mutation,’ especially tracks like ‘Hot Rails To Hell,’ ‘7 Screaming Diz-Busters,’ and ‘The Red & The Black.”

When asked about his favorite drummer, Ulrich didn’t hesitate. “It’s Albert Bouchard of Blue Öyster Cult. Not only is he an amazing drummer but also a significant songwriter for the band. He even lends his voice as the lead on several tracks. A true talent in every sense,” he remarked.

For those looking to explore music, Lars had some suggestions. “Dive into Blue Öyster Cult’s initial albums. While I’m currently hooked to ‘Tyranny And Mutation,’ I’d always recommend the classic ‘Secret Treaties.’ Tracks like ‘ME 262,’ ‘Dominance And Submission,’ ‘Career Of Evil,’ ‘Harvester Of Eyes,’ and ‘Subhuman’ are truly captivating.”

Recently, Ulrich made waves in the media. He candidly spoke about Metallica’s decision to allow the hit Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ to feature their song ‘Master of Puppets.’ Surprisingly, this wasn’t due to fandom but a more ‘calculated’ reason. Lars provided insights into the band’s genuine sentiments towards the popular show.

Speaking of headlines, Albert Bouchard of Blue Öyster Cult recently had his share of spotlight moments. He didn’t mince words when sharing his experience of touring with KISS. Labeling Gene Simmons ‘a jerk,’ Bouchard was candid about why their joint tour left him with a less than favorable impression of Simmons.

To sum up, music tastes evolve, and for artists like Lars, inspirations come in cycles. While Blue Öyster Cult seems to be his recent muse, it’s clear that stories and experiences within the music industry remain as colorful and varied as ever.

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