Led Zeppelin accused Greta Van Fleet for copying them

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One of today’s most well-known and contentious hard rock bands is Greta Van Fleet. By bringing back the sounds of vintage rock, some fans enjoy them. They have received accolades for their energetic concerts and potent voices and have been compared to legendary rock bands like Led Zeppelin.

Some fans appreciate them for bringing back the traditional rock sounds. Some believe they are overly similar to previous bands, most notably Led Zeppelin. Why is it frequently asserted that the Detroit rockers plagiarized Page, Plant, and company?

It’s hard to find a Greta Van Fleet song or album review that doesn’t draw comparisons to Led Zeppelin. Robert Plant once shared his thoughts about the band. In response, Greta Van Fleet’s members shared part of their creative process with the audience.

Critics believe Greta Van Fleet is dumb for attempting to imitate a band from decades ago because the sounds of classic rock were out of date by the time they first started.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Greta Van Fleet is not a problem for Robert Plant. He believes they perfectly capture the sound of Led Zeppelin I, the band’s debut album. He also lauded Josh Kiszka, the lead vocalist of Greta Van Fleet, for his vocal prowess. The musical similarities between Greta Van Fleet and Led Zeppelin were not a problem for Paige.

He commented, “There’s a band in Detroit called Greta Van Fleet: they are Led Zeppelin I. Beautiful little singer, I hate him!”

Sam Kiszka, a member of Greta Van Fleet, reportedly claimed that Led Zeppelin didn’t have a significant effect on his band. It was reported by Alternative nation. He appeared to suggest that part of Zeppelin’s effect on his band was unintentional.

Jake Kiszka, the guitarist of the band also commented, “I think that we’ve become more conscious of it, because I don’t think before we ever really realized, in a lot of senses, the similarities or the commonalities that we share with that group.”

“It’s being said over and over, and I think it’s one of the greatest compliments that could ever be given to a young band like ourselves. They’re arguably one of the greatest rock bands of all time, so that is humbling and inspiring and honorable, in that sense.”

“But I think that we’ve become more conscious of the similarities, because it’s been said, and I think we’ve taken some time to go back and almost identify with it. ‘Oh, it’s interesting, because there is a lot of those commonalities.’ Even if it exactly wasn’t an overwhelming influence of ours, it still was influential and we can certainly see it. But overall, it doesn’t really affect the writing of our music.”

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