Liam Gallagher Adds Noel Gallagher To The Greatest Rock Singers List

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Recently, Liam Gallagher humorously added Noel Gallagher’s name to the top ten rock frontmen list posted by the Rock History Twitter account. The list, featuring icons like Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury, received a cheeky one-word comment from Liam: “Noel Gallagher.”

This stirred a buzz among Oasis fans, sparking speculation about a possible reconciliation between the feuding brothers. Some fans playfully inquired about an Oasis reunion, while others interpreted Liam’s comment as a playful jab.

Liam, known for his lively social media presence, often interacts with fans and comments on various topics with his trademark humor. For instance, he responded wittily to a fan’s joke linking Manchester City’s football troubles to a potential peace offering from Noel, playfully dismissing it.

Moreover, in a candid conversation last month, Liam entertained the idea of an Oasis reunion, suggesting it could materialize if Noel met certain conditions, showing a seemingly softer stance towards his brother. This sentiment was evident in October when Liam offered Noel words of support during a tough time, expressing affection and openness to reconciliation.

However, Liam’s lighthearted online persona contrasts with his more pointed views in a recent interview with the Guardian. He scrutinized Noel’s motives behind leaving Oasis, implying that Noel’s solo ambitions were apparent well before the band’s split. Liam criticized Noel’s evolving demeanor and questioned his current choices, particularly regarding his reluctance to consider an Oasis reunion.

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