Noel Gallagher names the “Greatest singles band of all time”

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While bands like Led Zeppelin famously shunned releasing singles, others embraced this format as a key way to reach their audience. This trend continues, with some artists focusing more on singles than albums. Noel Gallagher, for instance, admires one band for their unparalleled singles collection.

Creating a remarkable set of singles is often seen as easier than crafting a flawless album series, as albums can’t afford to have any “filler” tracks. Yet, the occasional underperforming single is easily forgotten if the majority resonate with listeners. Unlike albums, singles don’t require a cohesive narrative.

Still, consistently producing high-quality singles over time is a tough feat, and few bands achieve this. Gallagher, throughout his career, has balanced focusing on strong singles to draw attention to his albums while prioritizing the complete work.

In contrast, The Who, unlike Gallagher with albums like “Definitely Maybe” or “What’s The Story (Morning Glory)”, are renowned for their iconic singles such as ‘Pinball Wizard’, ‘My Generation’, and ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’.

These tracks, if recorded in the same session, could have formed an exceptional studio album. However, The Who’s greatness is captured through their hit compilations, allowing listeners to enjoy their best work seamlessly.

Gallagher, speaking to iTunes and The Quietus, highlighted The Who’s “The Ultimate Collection” as one of his favorite records, despite usually not favoring compilations.

He praised Pete Townshend’s ability to pen youth anthems and noted the irony in the compilation’s name, given The Who’s numerous ‘Best Of’ releases. Gallagher admitted he struggles with The Who’s studio albums, finding them concept-heavy, but considers “The Ultimate Collection” as a masterpiece, placing The Who alongside The Beatles in his esteem.

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