Lindsey Buckingham Still Has Hope That Fleetwood Mac Will Tour One Last Time

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Lindsey Buckingham‘s sentiments still resonate with disappointment when reflecting on his abrupt departure from Fleetwood Mac, a chapter in his life that unfolded in 2018. The band, opting for change, ushered in Neil Finn of Crowded House and Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers to fill his void, a decision that led Buckingham to pursue legal action, albeit settled privately. Yet, just as the dust began to settle, fate intervened with a stark reminder of mortality in the form of an emergency open-heart surgery for Buckingham in February 2019.

In a recent dialogue with Conan O’Brien on SiriusXM, Buckingham delicately navigated the delicate subject matter surrounding his exit from the iconic group. His words, carefully chosen, acknowledged the complexity of the situation without assigning blame, a testament to his understanding of the capricious nature of the industry. “Without pointing any fingers,” he mused, “it was certainly fairly singular in how it was driven.” While acknowledging the dissatisfaction within the band, Buckingham exhibited a mature understanding of their actions, recognizing the inevitability of their decisions at that moment.

The aftermath of his departure was not without its controversies, as Buckingham revealed details of the breakup through his lens, only to be met with a swift rebuttal from Stevie Nicks, who refuted his account as “factually inaccurate.” Buckingham’s observations on the band’s subsequent decisions to tour without him bore the weight of disappointment, a sentiment echoed in his belief that it was a departure from the legacy they had painstakingly built over nearly half a century. “The band collectively allowing that to happen,” he lamented, “maybe out of weakness to some degree, it disrespected the legacy we built.”

Despite the acrimony and fractured relationships, Buckingham remains tethered to hope, envisioning a potential reunion with Fleetwood Mac, even in the wake of Christine McVie’s departure in 2022. His tenure of nearly 45 years with the band underscores his unwavering commitment to their shared legacy, a legacy defined by resilience and reconciliation in the face of adversity.

“This is always part of our legacy,” he reflected, “we were always able to work out our differences over things of which were far more profound than any issues that happened in 2018 with me departing the band.”

In a poignant declaration of readiness to reconcile, Buckingham extended an olive branch, expressing his willingness to return to the fold if the opportunity arose. “In a heartbeat, absolutely,” he affirmed, embodying a spirit of closure and reconciliation, yearning for a denouement that honors the circularity of their journey together. For Buckingham, the possibility of a reunion with Fleetwood Mac transcends mere nostalgia; it represents an opportunity to rewrite the final chapter on a more harmonious note, a fitting homage to the enduring legacy they collectively forged.

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