Lindsey Buckingham’s Response To Mick Fleetwood’s Trashy Accusations

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In 1990, Mick Fleetwood unveiled his memoir titled ‘Fleetwood: My Life And Adventures With Fleetwood Mac’.

Within its pages, he chronicles numerous episodes, many involving his band members. A standout story from the book recalls the summer of ’87 when Lindsey Buckingham chose to leave the tour.

In his memoir, Fleetwood Mac details an intense altercation between Lindsey and Stevie Nicks, during which Lindsey allegedly verbally assaulted his former partner. The situation reportedly escalated to the point where Lindsey physically confronted Stevie, leading their management to intervene.

However, in a later interview with Q Magazine, Buckingham shared his perspective on the incident, asserting:

“That event? It never took place. Merely three months after the book’s release, I even performed with them for the concluding shows of the West Coast tour for ‘Go Your Own Way’. When I met Stevie [Nicks] again, she approached and apologized, expressing regret for Mick [Fleetwood] documenting the incident.”

He further elaborated on his silence regarding the matter:

“At the time, I saw no need to respond or validate any claims from the book. I did glance over it, and some content was unsettling. Though there were moments of praise, Mick’s interpretation of events was, at times, severe.”

Buckingham emphasized that several band members were taken aback by some of the alleged occurrences in the book, commenting:

“Discussing with fellow band members would reveal mutual disappointment. Not just about the fictitious incidents, but also the many inaccuracies and the overall sensationalized tone of the book, from what I observed.”

Even with the negative portrayal in the memoir, Buckingham expressed understanding towards Mick:

“It’s essential to note that Mick was possibly upset about my exit from the band. But when we meet, the bond remains intact. After all, our shared energy was the backbone of the band.”

He speculated that Mick might have been too hands-off during the book’s editing:

“Defending Mick, I’d say he might not have overseen the editing process diligently. His storytelling to the author likely consisted of spontaneous late-night narratives.”

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