Eric Clapton’s Confession To Lindsey Buckingham

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Eric Clapton is regarded as one of the most influential guitarists in rock music. The singer, guitarist, and songwriter have been part of many bands. Some are The Yardbirds, Cream, and Plastic Ono Band, and many more to which he contributed his craft.

He was associated with a lot of bands in his early days but we all know that he is a lone wolf. Being in a band is different for everyone. A bandmate may love the idea of working together whereas, another bandmate could hate it. Many famous bands like the Beatles and Guns N’ Roses also had such problems.

Bands have their own perks and downsides to it. The greatest asset you can get the benefit of is having someone beside you to be on the stage together is something to look forward to. Also, the production of tracks become easy for people with the same interest.

Looks like the legendary guitarist Eric Clapton had things to say about being in a band listing out its pros and cons. It was a confession to Lindsey Buckingham. During an interview with BAM magazine in the early 1980s, the topic took a turn toward solo recording. He talked that being in a band is always beneficial and joked around. He commented,

“I think it will be pretty nerve-wracking. Because you can’t hide behind anyone at that point. You’re taking total responsibility. That’s something a lot of people who have gone solo miss.”

That’s when he switched the topic and shared how Eric admitted to him how much he missed being with a band. Lindsey said, “When Eric Clapton hangs out with Mick or us, he’s always saying, ‘God, I wish I was in a band again.’ That’s because the burden is all on him.”

“It’s just not the same when, as a leader, you’re paying people a certain amount each week to play with you. The balance of power is not the same, and it drains you. Bob Welch had a couple of successful solo albums, but now I think he misses being in a group where people will give you honest feedback [and] tell you when you’ve got your head up your ass. You need that thing when other people in the band have as much at stake as you do.”

It was Clapton’s decision to go solo but looks like he really missed being in a band. Maybe he was just reminiscing about older times after seeing all his friends in bands like Fleetwood Mac and the Rolling Stones. We believe he felt that way only because he saw his friends thriving in bands. Be it in a band or not, Eric Clapton is still loved to this day, and we believe he was great on his own.

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