LISTEN: Billy Joel Releases A New Song ‘Turn The Lights Back On’ After 17 Years

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Billy Joel is back in the limelight with his latest masterpiece, “Turn The Lights Back On,” marking his triumphant return to the music scene after 17 years without a new single. Fans are buzzing with anticipation, and rightfully so.

Joined by the talents of Arthur Bacon, Wayne Hector, and producer Freddy Wexler, Joel presents a grand piano ballad that feels both fresh and familiar. Drawing on his signature sound reminiscent of his 1993 album, River Of Dreams, the track is a symphony of strings, pianos, and commanding drum beats. Its infectious bridge hooks you in with melodies that refuse to leave your mind.

Despite the passing years, Joel’s vocals remain as impeccable as ever in “Turn The Lights Back On.” His ability to effortlessly hit high notes with crystal clarity is a testament to his enduring talent. The song sweeps you away on a cinematic journey, a rarity in today’s pop landscape, showcasing the seamless blend of musical elements that make it an instant earworm.

More than just a song, “Turn The Lights Back On” serves as a celebration of Billy Joel’s musical legacy. Released under Columbia Records, it has already become a focal point of excitement for fans and music aficionados alike. Joel’s return to prominence extends beyond this single, as he gears up for a highly anticipated performance at the Grammys after 22 years. This historic moment promises to be a highlight of the awards ceremony, with expectations soaring for Joel’s live rendition of this captivating new track.

In a world where standout pop songs are a rarity, Billy Joel’s “Turn The Lights Back On” shines brightly. Its timeless quality coupled with Joel’s unmatched vocal prowess serves as a reminder of why he remains an icon in the music industry.

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