Mick Jagger says The Beatles were ‘Just a blues cover band when they started out”

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Mick Jagger recently revisited the ongoing debate sparked by Paul McCartney’s claim that The Beatles were a superior band compared to The Rolling Stones. This discussion began following McCartney’s 2020 interview with Howard Stern, where he agreed with Stern’s view about The Beatles’ superiority, citing their broader musical influences compared to The Stones’ blues-centric approach.

Jagger, initially responding to McCartney’s comments in a conversation with Zane Lowe, humorously dismissed the notion of any rivalry, highlighting the distinct paths the two bands took, especially in terms of live performances. He pointed out that The Rolling Stones had embraced large arena tours, a feat The Beatles never achieved due to their early breakup.

In a more recent interview with The Times, Jagger again touched on the subject. He playfully countered McCartney’s suggestion that The Stones were essentially a blues cover band, reminding that The Beatles also started similarly. Mick Jagger shared that he used McCartney’s comments as fodder for onstage jokes, pretending McCartney was in the audience to boost excitement.

Interestingly, despite the playful back-and-forth, McCartney collaborates with The Rolling Stones on their upcoming album ‘Hackney Diamonds’.

Paul McCartney plays bass on the track ‘Bite My Head Off’, a contribution Keith Richards warmly acknowledged, expressing appreciation for having a Beatles member on their record and musing that other Beatles, like John Lennon and George Harrison, would have seamlessly integrated into The Stones. The album is set for release on October 20.

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