Statues of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards unveiled in home town of Dartford

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In the quaint town of Dartford, a timeless tribute now stands, immortalizing two of rock’s greatest legends, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the iconic Rolling Stones.

Dartford holds a special place in their journey. It’s where the duo’s destinies intertwined as teenagers back in 1961, leading to the birth of the Rolling Stones just a year later.

While they shared childhood memories at Wentworth primary school, their paths branched off to separate secondary schools, only to come together to create musical history.

The Rolling Stones’ legacy, spanning an impressive six decades, is now cemented not just in the annals of music but literally in bronze.

Dartford borough council, aiming to honor its most illustrious sons, greenlit statues that encapsulate the essence of these musical maestros.

Mick Jagger, ever the showman, is captured mid-performance, microphone in hand, while Richards loses himself in the melodies of his iconic ‘Micawber’ Telecaster guitar.

This artistic homage, christened “The Glimmer Twins,” is the brainchild of the talented Amy Goodman, herself a fervent Stones aficionado.

Goodman, whose portfolio boasts illustrious figures like Florence Nightingale and Sir Stirling Moss, chose to spotlight the duo in their vibrant 1980s prime.

She poured herself into this work, underscored by a 10-month timeline, with the rhythmic pulse of the Stones’ anthems accompanying her creative process.

The statues’ grand reveal at One Bell Corner witnessed emotional moments, especially with the presence of Keith’s family – his daughter Angela and granddaughter Ava.

Jeremy Kite, spearheading Dartford borough council, voiced a sentiment shared by many: the Rolling Stones have indelibly shaped global music.

The boyhood friends from Dartford have, against all odds, become the world’s musical treasures.

And while statues remain a testimony, Jagger’s knighthood in 2003 already signaled a nod to his immense contributions to the rhythm of the world.

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