Why Neal Schon Thinks Steve Perry Didn’t Deserve To Earn Money From Journey

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The ongoing legal battle between Journey guitarist Neal Schon and former vocalist Steve Perry involves complex issues over trademarks and rights to the band’s music and merchandise.

Schon, in a series of tweets, elaborated on the trademark history, asserting that ‘Journey’ as a musical trademark was registered in 2005, and for merchandise in 2020.

He expressed frustration over perceived manipulation by others, profiting from Journey’s trademarks without proper authorization.

Steve Perry’s legal stance, as per his petition, is that no partner can authorize or exploit any group composition without unanimous consent of all partners.

Neal Schon counters this with a narrative of a board of directors meeting orchestrated by Jonathan Cain, where Schon and Cain were voted off the board, and Ross Valory and Steve Smith were appointed in their stead.

Schon alleges that this was part of a larger scheme of corruption and mismanagement involving trademarks and profits from merchandise.

Schon’s wife, Micheale, eventually found a non-corrupt trademark attorney, leading to their successful registration of trademarks to protect Journey’s legacy.

Schon criticizes the lack of support from other attorneys and band members in this endeavor.

He insists that songwriting and copyrights are distinct from trademarks, and vows to continue revealing more about the situation, likening it to peeling back an onion.

This dispute highlights the complexities in band dynamics, especially involving legal rights and financial interests, in the music industry.

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