Niall Horan Wishes To Form A Dream Band With Dave Grohl

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The ideal musician, Dave Grohl is capable of everything in the music industry. He is gifted in so many different ways, like the Joker in a deck of cards, he plays every instrument and sings every style. Niall Horan, a former member of One Direction, is aware that anybody would be fortunate to play alongside him. Dave was one of his first selections when he was asked to imagine his ideal band when chatting with NME.

Although Niall Horan is presently concentrating on his solo career, the boyband One Direction, which the world hadn’t seen in a while, is where he first found popularity. One Direction, who were sometimes likened to the Backstreet Boys, smashed several music records and rose to fame as one of the greatest boy bands ever. After the band broke up, band members like Harry Styles concentrated on more rock sounds in their solo projects. The band mostly focused on soft rock, pop, and mellow songs.

Niall is not unfamiliar with rock either, and because he learned to play the guitar at a young age, he is familiar with and admires rock music, even if he chose to stick to the softer end of it. The musician was informed in a recent interview that Lewis Capaldi wants both him and Elton John to be in his ideal band. Horan proceeded by agreeing to keep Elton John but adding Dave Grohl, saying that he must now include Lewis in his ideal band.

The interviewer said:

“Recently, your pal Lewis Capaldi said that his dream supergroup would be you, Ed Sheeran, Elton John, and himself.”

Horan reacted:

“That’s some group!”

The interviewer asked:

“Who would be in yours?”

Horan replied:

“Well, now I have to put him in it. Me and him, with…that’s a great question. Elton’s a legend, to be fair. In all senses of the word. Lewis and I have got to know Elton a bit, and he’s so funny. And Dave Grohl. Dave Grohl, myself, Elton John, and Lewis Capaldi. What a line-up!”

Imagine Dave Grohl, Elton John, Lewis Capaldi, and his close buddy Niall Horan playing as a band. What a variety of genres there would be on the records! Given that rock & roll has been Dave Grohl’s primary emphasis, we are unsure of how he would feel about this. He likes pop vocalists like Billie Eilish, however, Niall Horan wouldn’t be an outrageous bet.

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