Nick Mason Avoids Debunking David Gilmour’s Contribution To Roger Waters’ Bass Lines

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Rumors are something that will never cease to exist.
And in the music world, they are on a different dimension. Among some hardcore Pink Floyd fans, there is a very interesting rumor when it comes to bass.

The rumor goes like this. Some fans believe David Gilmour played bass in more than half of the band’s songs. According to “when it came time to record bass guitar parts in the studio, it was guitarist Gilmour — not bassist Waters — who often laid down the distinctive bass lines onto magnetic tape.”

No one really knows the truth. Some fans consider this a total exaggeration, and some don’t. Nick Mason, the drummer of the band was also recently asked about the rumor. While talking with Goldmine, Nick Mason discussed the rumor but didn’t give a clear answer. Always the ever-diplomatic Mason on the scene. He said,

“It’s not my recollection, It may be true, but not that I remember, no. I don’t know where that (rumor) came from; it could be that Dave spent some time working out the parts and then Roger played it, or Roger worked out the parts and Dave played it.”

He then added, “I don’t remember. And if I did remember, I probably wouldn’t tell you.”

David did handle the bass in many songs like ‘Fat Old Sun’, ‘Sheep’, and ‘Pigs’ but whether that rumor is true or not is not disclosed to date. That’s the reason some believe it’s true and some don’t which we think is totally fine as we are here to enjoy their music more than anything.

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