Nikki Sixx’s First Public Reaction To Mick Mars After Lawsuit

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‘Retiring from touring is resigning from the band. The band’s primary function is to tour and perform concerts’, claims Motley Crue’s lawyer, who has produced statements from crew members on his performances.

On Twitter, Nikki Sixx recently responded to Mick Mars’ lawsuit against Mötley Crüe and said how unfortunate it was that things had to come to this. Mick Mars was his former bandmate and, maybe, a former friend.

Only a few months prior, Mick made headlines when he said he would no longer travel with the group owing to his ongoing health issues. Although it was made plain in the statement that Mars wanted to stay in the band, things with the Mötley Crüe front appeared to be going smoothly at the time, but it turns out that they weren’t.

Additionally, Mars said that Sixx “gaslighted” him about his declining guitar prowess and that the bassist “didn’t play a single note on bass” on a recent tour in response. He said that Sixx’s whole performance was pre-recorded.

Carmine Appice added to this assertion by stating to Ultimate Guitar, “[‘When I was on ‘The Stadium Tour’] everything was on tape; it was all planned out and ultimately a lot of crap. And Mick is a pretty good player, and so to now let him loose and play the way he wants, that was never going to work for him. The truth is that everything has been weird for a while with Mötley Crüe, and Mick didn’t like that everything was on tape.”

The guitarist only recently filed a complaint, accusing his bandmates of attempting to extort money from the band’s earnings. He even referred to drummer Tommy Lee and vocalist Vince Neil as “felons,” harshly criticizing them and making it plain that he hadn’t been on good terms with them in a while. Bassist Sixx tweeted that he was disappointed to see that Mick opted to battle them rather than trying to resolve things amicably as Mars pushed his former bandmates to continue as an official band member and not give away his shares in Mötley Crüe. He continued by speculating that the guitarist’s attorneys may have misled him before concluding by expressing his continued affection and best wishes for Mars in spite of the legal dispute.

Since then, Sixx has refuted this charge. He posted a message on Twitter. “Sad day for us and we don’t deserve this considering how many years we’ve been propping him up. We will wish him the best and hope he finds lawyers and managers who aren’t damaging him.”

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