Nita Strauss Wants To Make Music Like Demi Lovato Or Pink

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In a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar’s Justin Beckner, Nita Strauss shared her vision for her upcoming albums.

When asked about potential collaborators for future projects, the guitarist expressed her desire to explore diverse musical directions:

“On the next record, I want to push further in both directions. I’d love to do something more mainstream, perhaps with someone like Demi [Lovato] or Pink, which would be a dream come true. At the same time, I want to delve into heavier music, as that’s what I personally enjoy listening to.”

Strauss’s Upcoming Projects

Although Strauss released her latest solo album, ‘The Call of the Void,’ last year, she is already contemplating her next project. She explained her eagerness to maintain her momentum:

“I don’t want to lose the momentum from this album. It was five years between ‘Controlled Chaos’ and ‘The Call of the Void,’ and I don’t want to wait another five years. It’s been challenging to come up with concrete ideas since I’ve been constantly on the road. I started touring a month before the album came out and haven’t had more than two weeks at home since then. It’s been nearly a year, so finding time to be creative has been tough, but I’m determined to make it happen.”

Nita’s Previous Collaboration with Demi Lovato

Nita’s interest in collaborating with Demi Lovato aligns with their past work together. In March, she spoke with Backstage Pass Rock-News about her experience touring with Lovato:

“It wasn’t as different as you might think. Demi is a total rock star and wanted to go in a heavier direction with her new music. She released a great rock album in 2022 called ‘Holy Fvck’ and put together an amazing all-female band to tour with. It was similar to other rock tours I’ve done because it was a rock show.”

Touring Plans

Nita concluded her North American tour on March 29 in Leander, Texas. She is set to join Alice Cooper for his summer 2024 tour, continuing her journey on the road throughout the summer and fall.

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