Noel Gallagher names the English band “More special” in history

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Noel Gallagher, a prominent figure in the music scene, has always been profoundly influenced by the atmosphere of his local surroundings.

His roots are firmly embedded in the city he passionately adores – Manchester, England. Manchester is renowned for its contributions to rock music, being the birthplace of legendary bands like The Stone Roses and Joy Division. Yet for Gallagher, one band holds a unique, unparalleled position – The Smiths.

Since embarking on his solo journey, Gallagher has nurtured an active collaboration with The Smiths’ guitarist, Johnny Marr.

Intriguingly, they share a common heritage, both stemming from Irish immigrant families who relocated to Manchester.

This shared lineage appears to have cultivated an extraordinary chemistry between the two musicians, which constantly leaves Noel Gallagher in awe.

Describing his experience of working with Marr in an interview with NME, he shared:

“Johnny’s a fascinating character. He doesn’t require a pre-sent track; he just turns up, sets up his equipment, straps on his guitar, stands before the speakers, and demands, ‘Let’s give it a listen.’ As he hears it for the first time, he simultaneously plays it. I would never dare to dictate his playing; that would be rather audacious.”

Despite Oasis being a defining act in music history, and their discography inspiring countless subsequent generations, Gallagher does not perceive himself as a trailblazer.

He views himself more as an integrator of his influences rather than a pioneer creating an entirely novel sound. While featuring on Netflix’s Once In A Lifetime Sessions, Gallagher candidly admitted:

“The music that shaped me includes the Sex Pistols, The Jam, The Smiths, The Buzzcocks, Joy Division, and New Order.

These were all heavy-hitting guitar bands, and I am a product of these influences. I didn’t create anything out of thin air. I was just a young lad who devoured a lot of music and ultimately found myself as a songwriter.”

Speaking specifically about The Smiths, he expressed: “I didn’t originate anything akin to The Smiths, who are arguably the most unique band ever to emerge from England. I had a vision of what it should resemble, but when the songs unfolded, it was simply mesmerizing.”

One more commonality between Noel Gallagher and Johnny Marr is that their respective bands are unlikely to reunite. Gallagher’s continuous feud with his brother, Liam, makes an Oasis reunion improbable.

As for Marr, the internal disputes within The Smiths, compounded by the recent passing of bassist Andy Rourke, make a reunion almost impossible.

Nonetheless, in the unlikely event of The Smiths reuniting, Gallagher reveals his readiness to join the reunion tour.

He expressed his eagerness to Apple Music by saying: “I’d be thrilled, and while it’s never going to transpire—it’s a concept of a parallel universe—if The Smiths ever reunited. I’d take on the role of Craig Gannon, I’d approach Johnny [Marr] and tell him not to search for someone else, because I’m his guy.”

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