Oasis: The Reason Noel Gallagher hates all metal bands

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Noel Gallagher is never one to hold back his opinions. When he dislikes something, he’s vocal about it, and over the years, his candidness has made headlines.

But it’s undeniable that since the 90s, his frankness has evolved, and now he has a long list of artists that don’t quite meet his standards.

Among those that Noel doesn’t particularly favor are Phil Collins, Harry Styles, and Sam Smith. His taste is exacting, to the point where he has even expressed disdain for an entire musical genre: heavy metal.

He has consistently pointed to bands like The Beatles, The Stone Roses, and The Smiths as key influences. Yet, when the conversation shifts away from these classic rock icons, Gallagher is quick to voice his lack of appreciation for heavy metal and its subgenres.

Though he might have some respect for pioneers in the genre, like Led Zeppelin, Noel hasn’t minced words about his feelings towards metal musicians and their fans. He once labeled the genre as “gothic music,” stating, “They have their reasons for all the wrist-slitting. It’s all that nihilism or whatever it’s called. But apart from that, I enjoy a wide range of music.”

Interestingly, while Noel might not be a fan of heavy metal, the admiration isn’t mutual. Lars Ulrich of Metallica is a vocal fan of Oasis and often invites Noel as a guest on his radio show.

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