Noel Gallagher names “the most overrated group” of all time

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Noel Gallagher has always been in the limelight be it for his music or his criticism of others. The former Oasis man says that he sees a lot of stuff and his criticisms are all about the real thing. He has always been notorious for his comments, but there is one that stands above everything.

Looks like, Noel believes that there is an overrated group in the music world. During an interview with Fuse in 2011, Gallagher discussed The Beach Boys with the host Mark Hoppus. That’s when he commented that they are the most overrated group of all time.

Regardless of things, Many people still love The Beach Boys. Their album ‘Pet Sounds’ is something that changed the face of today’s music. But then, there’s Noel Gallagher. In the interview, he asked, “Don’t you think they’re the most overrated group of all time? He added, “The only reason they’re anyway successful is because they’re next to The Beatles in alphabetical order and Paul McCartney likes them. That’s it.”

He also added good things about them though. Noel disclosed, “Barbershop quartet music, F****** rubbish. Although ‘Good Vibrations‘ is amazing. They’ve got about six good tunes.”

Noel also didn’t like the idea that his songs were compared to Brian Wilson’s. In an interview with Paste, Gallagher was asked if his album ‘Who Built the Moon?’ was similar to Brian Wilson’s music. He replied, “F*****’ hell — I hate Brian Wilson!”

And you know what? If there’s a more overrated person in the music business than me, it’s that guy. But these experiments were great. I just think my flame burns a little bit brighter now — I’m at a creative peak. And my band that I started out with six or seven years ago is not the same band that I’m in now. I’ve got different people, and I’ve got girls in the band.”

Also in 2005, Gallagher discussed how Brian Wilson is a cabbage. It was an interview with The Age, “Their new fucking record, man, I’m telling you, I am pretty fucking amazed by. One tune sounds like the Beach Boys. Not that I like the Beach Boys. I fucking hate the Beach Boys – I think Brian Wilson is a cabbage.”


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    I know who The Beach Boys are, but who the **** is this toad?

  2. Somebody get this a*****e a mirror, quick. “After all/you’re my wonderwall.” Please, fool.

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