Noel Gallagher Shares His Most Stressful Oasis Gig

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Noel Gallagher recently had a candid chat with Gibson TV, diving deep into the origins of Oasis and his transition to High Flying Birds.

He reminisced about a particularly nerve-wracking moment during his stint as a roadie for Inspiral Carpets:

“There I was, perched on a flight case atop an amp, jamming with Oasis. We had a performance scheduled for Tuesday, and a realization hit me out of the blue: I had never played the guitar while standing. Worse yet, I didn’t even have a strap. All this on a Sunday night, with empty pockets. Believe it or not, that following Monday was, without a doubt, the most nerve-wracking day of my life.”

Noel chuckled as he recounted the urgency and awkwardness of borrowing a guitar strap:

“I had to ask around to borrow one. ‘Mind if I borrow a strap?’ I’d ask. ‘For the Inspirals? You better return it.’ It’s just a strap after all. When I finally got one, I spent a significant time at home, guitar slung across my shoulder, trying to figure out the right fit while glancing at my reflection.”

Since 2009, Noel has been at the helm of High Flying Birds. Their newest album, ‘Council Skies’, dropped on June 2, and they’re in the midst of a tour.

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