Oasis’ Liam Gallagher on Dave Grohl: “He ruined it for all of us”

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Liam Gallagher, a renowned rock musician and a pivotal figure in the British music scene as a member of the iconic band Oasis, recently sat down with GQ Magazine.

During the conversation, he was candid about his opinions on other high-profile musicians in the industry.

Firstly, Liam Gallagher shared his viewpoint on the resilience shown by Dave Grohl, the frontman of the band Foo Fighters.

Dave Grohl famously decided to carry on with his band’s tour back in 2015, despite suffering from a significant leg injury.

Liam Gallagher said, “Dave Grohl really made it tough for all of us. I mean, he went on with the tour even after breaking his leg. That’s unheard of! Now, if I want to cancel a show for something as minor as a cold, I fear that I might appear weak in comparison.”

When the conversation shifted to Mick Jagger, the charismatic lead singer of The Rolling Stones, Gallagher had some mixed feelings.

He commended Mick Jagger, saying, “I admire his dedication, he keeps performing with all his energy, even at his age. But personally, I would never want to be that kind of performer. I prefer a subtler approach to my music and performance. Honestly, I feel for him; it’s as if he has no other option but to keep dancing until he’s very old.”

Gallagher was, however, notably less flattering when it came to discussing Bono, the lead vocalist of the band U2. He recalled, “I once had a conversation with Bono. To be honest, I would have preferred to have an out-of-body experience than talk to him. He’s not someone I admire much; he doesn’t even feature in my top 50 list of musicians.”

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