The Oasis album Noel Gallagher hates listening to

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No one on this planet seems to adore Oasis’ music as much as Noel Gallagher. Since his initial interviews, Noel has consistently sung praises of his band, calling it the world’s most remarkable ensemble.

Throughout the ’90s, they produced hits consistently, culminating in a dramatic exit after a show got canceled in 2009. However, hindsight has given Noel a clearer lens to critique some of their iconic albums.

Noel has openly expressed his disinterest in their third album, Be Here Now. Despite Oasis being at the pinnacle of success and recognized as rock and roll titans, he feels that substance abuse tarnished the album’s potential and made it pale compared to its previous outputs.

His critique extends to the band’s iconic album, What’s the Story Morning Glory. After their first few hits, this sophomore release elevated their status to rock legends with masterpieces such as ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’. Yet, in hindsight, Noel expressed concerns about its production, candidly telling NME, “The sound of Morning Glory bothers me. I truly detest its sound. It has this distinct crunch.”

Interestingly, this very “crunch” that Noel mentioned adds depth to several tracks. The minimalistic approach in ‘Wonderwall’ is juxtaposed by the dense texture of ‘Champagne Supernova’, immersing listeners into the psychedelic narrative painted by the lyrics.

Regarding their comeback album from the 2000s, Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, Noel expressed similar reservations. However, he holds their debut album, Definitely Maybe, in high regard, stating, “The only flawless album, in my eyes, is Definitely Maybe.”

The production of their debut album leaned more towards a punk vibe, featuring some of Noel’s rawest rock tracks, like ‘Rock n’ Roll Star’ and ‘Supersonic’. Even though it lacked the polish of its successor, traces of shoegaze music can be heard, with tracks like ‘Slide Away’ and ‘Columbia’ having extended outros that entrance listeners.

While Noel believes their debut was a superior effort, he acknowledges that no Oasis album is without its imperfections. He once mentioned, “They all have their shortcomings. But if you ever created the absolute perfect album and acknowledged its perfection, then what’s left? What’s the point moving forward?”

Regardless of Noel’s critiques on their most renowned album, it remains a beacon for aspiring songwriters, providing the inspiration to create stirring melodies.

What’s the Story Morning Glory might have its flaws in Noel’s eyes, but its cultural and generational impact on rock enthusiasts is undeniable.

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