Ozzy Osbourne says he doesn’t listen to modern music: “Everything is a rehash”

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Ozzy Osbourne, a seasoned musician with a career spanning over five decades, possesses a wealth of experience and has encountered countless songs throughout his journey. Perhaps due to this extensive background, the renowned “Prince of Darkness” holds little faith in modern music, considering it to be nothing more than recycled material.

In a recent interview with Tenacious D for Metal Hammer magazine, Osbourne discussed Black Sabbath’s significant role in shaping the heavy metal genre. However, he humbly dismissed the compliment, responding:

“While it’s a nice thought, we were heavily influenced by bands like The Who Led Zeppelin, and The Kinks. I vividly remember purchasing The Kinks’ ‘You Really Got Me’ single, a proto-heavy metal track from 1964, and playing it relentlessly. It had a profound impact on me.”

When reflecting on the current state of the music industry, Osbourne expressed his disillusionment, stating:

“I find it hard to connect with modern music. There’s nothing new; it’s simply a recycled version of what has already been done.”

When asked about Black Sabbath’s legacy, Osbourne remained humble, remarking:

“If people choose to believe that, then that’s great. However, I don’t go around claiming credit for inventing anything. With Black Sabbath, we were fortunate to be in a fantastic musical landscape. Tony Iommi was the true authority, the mastermind behind those demonic riffs. I’ve yet to meet a guitarist who can match his prowess.”

Earlier this year, Ozzy announced his retirement from touring, revealing that he never expected his touring days to come to an end in such a manner. His team is currently exploring alternative performance options that would allow him to entertain without the need for extensive travel.

However, despite his retirement plans, Osbourne has already confirmed his appearance at the Power Trip festival in October, marking his sole live performance of the year. Due to mobility issues stemming from a quad accident two decades ago, he now relies on a cane for assistance.

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