Ozzy Osbourne Wants To Record His Final Studio Album In 2024

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In a recent chat with Metal Hammer, Ozzy revealed that he’s diving into the creation of a fresh album, set to be recorded early in 2024.

“I’ve crafted two albums not long ago, and I’m itching to produce another before hitting the road once more,” the iconic voice behind Black Sabbath mentioned. “The creative process has just ignited, with studio sessions planned for the initial months of the upcoming year,” he elaborated. “I intend to pour my heart into this project!”

Earlier this month, the rock luminary underwent a surgical procedure to rectify spinal injuries from a mishap in 2019. He previously indicated this would be his concluding surgery. “Tomorrow marks my conclusive neck operation,” he shared with People. “It’s the last, as I’ve reached my limit. No matter the outcome post-surgery, I won’t be going down this road again. I’m done.”

Speaking with Metal Hammer in a piece released this Tuesday, Osbourne remarked on his health, saying he’s “managing alright.” He further added, “I’d envisioned a quicker recovery, but adapting to this continuous health rollercoaster has been challenging. My mobility is limited, but thankfully, I’m free from agony and my spinal surgery was a success.”

In the summer, Ozzy had to pull out from headlining the Power Trip festival, which would’ve featured him alongside giants like Metallica, AC/DC, and Guns N’ Roses.

Last year, he managed two brief live gigs, one in Birmingham and another in L.A., with supports in place for his well-being. Reflecting on his Birmingham gig to Rolling Stone, he expressed how transformative the moment was. “Until yesterday, I felt I had hung up my boots,” he shared. “For a span of three years, I resigned to the thought that my stage days were history.” However, the sheer exhilaration from the live vibe has rekindled his passion to return to the limelight.

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