Paul McCartney Favourite The Beatles’ Song

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Whenever there is a talk about the most iconic rock bands of all time there will always come the name The Beatles and of course, when The Beatles’ names come to the front it’s obvious that the names of legendary musicians John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Although John is a legend himself, we are here to talk about Paul today.

Paul joined the band Quarrymen in 1957 which later evolved into the Beatles. Paul along with Lennon was the songwriter and singer of the band and they both have done so much for the band as well as the music world. This is why they are considered legends today.

As mentioned Paul has written several songs for the band and sang too but does he have any favorite songs from the Beatles? yes and fortunately he has revealed his favorite songs from the Beatles in various interviews. Down below you can find the twenty Beatles songs that are Paul McCartney’s favorite.

List of Paul McCartney’s favorite Beatles songs

  1. Here There and Everywhere
  2. Across the Universe
  3. Hey Jude
  4. Julia
  5. And Your Bird Can Sing
  6. Fixing a Hole
  7. You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
  8. Eleanor Rigby
  9. Blackbird
  10. Strawberry Fields Forever
  11. Happiness Is A Warm Gun
  12. Penny Lane
  13. Let It Be
  14. Rain
  15. Yesterday
  16. From Me To You
  17. This Boy
  18. Something
  19. The Inner Light
  20. A Day in the Life

Paul McCartney revealed his favorite songs

Back in 2020, Paul was in an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe where he talked with Lowe regarding his and John’s songwriting. Furthermore, he also talked about his favorite Beatles songs in the interview. He was asked about his favorite Beatles songs and he said, “I always say You Know My Name (Look Up The Number). We had such fun making it. It’s like a little comedy record. And I just remember the joy of making it.” Along with this song he also revealed that he really loves the song Let It Be.

He further said that there are many songs from the Beatles he loves including Strawberry Fields, Hey Jude, Eleanor Rigby, and Blackbird. Other than Apple Music, McCarthey also went to Adam Buxton’s podcast where he was again asked about his favorite songs from the Beatles or from Lennon. He named a few songs including Julia, he said, “Julia is about the mum he couldn’t live with. So I loved the poignancy of that because I’d been with him round to Julia’s house to visit her. And I knew how deeply he loved her. So Julia I would go with.”

And as mentioned above, Paul always loved the song From Me to You as well as This Boy. While he was with Lowe he was asked the regular question and he did share the usual favorite songs from the Beatles but he also revealed other songs that he absolutely loves from the band. He said that he likes every song from the band and it was really hard to choose one but later he choose Yesterday as his favorite song from the Beatles.

In 1995 Paul shared one of his favorite Beatles songs, “One of my favorites on the Anthology is, And Your Bird Can Sing, which is a nice song, but this take of it was one we couldn’t use at the time. John and I got a fit of the giggles while we were doing the double-track. You couldn’t have released it at the time. But now you can. Sounds great just hearing us lose it on a take,” the music legend told. The 80 years old music artist said the same thought about their song Rain.

Also back in 1984, Paul shared a weird story about his song Fixing a Hole. The night they were about to record the song he said that a guy came to his (Paul) house and claimed himself Jesus. Furthermore, Paul said that they even took the guy with them in the recording session.

Paul has also talked about another of his favorite Beatles songs Penny Lane. Talking about the song he said that Lennon came and helped him write the third verse. They wrote the song remembering their childhood memories. Moreover, McCartney also expressed his love for George Harrison’s written song Inner Light. Similarly, he also loved Harrison’s song Something and he even said “I think it’s the best he’s written.” As mentioned above McCartney also really likes the song Happiness Is A Warm Gun and Let It Be.

However, just as mentioned above McCartney likes every song from the Beatles and he never listed all of his favorite songs from the Beatles. It is just that he has talked about the above-mentioned songs when asked about his favorite songs from the band and the twenty songs mentioned above are most probably the special, favorite, adored, or cherished songs from his legendary band the Beatles.

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