Paul Stanley Confirms KISS Might Continue By Replacing Him

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KISS has been getting ready to say goodbye to its decades-long music career with its latest tour, End of the Road Tour. Nevertheless, there’s still some possibility that fans will get to see that even after the farewell tour.

Reigning as one of the most influential rock bands for more than fifty years now, KISS’s members might retire but its legacy will never die. Even the lead vocalist, Paul Stanley agrees with it.

However, Stanley has been causing quite a stir by talking about his retirement from music and how the band will still continue; even if it means replacing him. Recently, he disclosed that KISS might continue rocking the stage even without the original members.

KISS and Paul Stanley

As the co-founder, rhythm guitarist, and vocalist of the hard rock band, KISS, Paul Stanley has been in the field of music for a long time now. Since now they are getting older, he has been thinking about getting away from the limelight.

In his recent talks, Paul talked about what the future looked like for the band. He said, ” KISS is like an army or a sports team. When the MVP is no longer playing or retired, the team doesn’t call it quits.”

Reassuring that KISS will be in the long run, he continued,” On a battlefield, an army, when they lose soldiers, doesn’t wave the white flag. Somebody else picks up the weapon and runs forward. So in one form or another, I believe there will always be a KISS.”

He went on,” I didn’t invent the wheel. I may have polished it a bit, but what am I, except a combination of all of the people who inspired me? When I added my individuality to it, it became essentially what people know as Paul Stanley. But to believe that I’m the only person who can do that is a bit self-centered and egocentric.”

He further went on to talk about he won’t be able to perform forever in those 50 pounds of gear and boots with eight-inch heels. He said he was open to anyone capable of replacing him and continuing KISS’ music.

“Is there somebody else out there who could pick up and wave the flag? Absolutely. I’m not saying there should be a copy of me. I’m not a copy of anybody else. But I’m certainly a combination of many people that inspired me. ” Stanley voiced.

Believing the band would become a part of American culture even after they’re gone, Paul said, “I see KISS continuing —in what form that manifests itself is really something that will develop over time. I don’t know exactly what that means. But quite honestly, we couldn’t kill KISS if we wanted to. It’s a party of Americana.”


“I think that recasting KISS or KISS 2.0 is not what we have ever talked about. Can KISS continue and can it evolve without us in it? Well, yeah, because it’s already 50 per cent there.

“In other words, there was a time where people said, ‘Well, it can only be the original four.’ [And then] it was, ‘Well, it can only be the original three.’ Well, things move on and circumstances change.”

– Paul Stanley on Germany’s Radio Bob!

So, even after all these years, Paul still believes that there might be a possibility for KISS to continue performing even if no original member is left. His fellow member, Gene Simmons believed that KISS might continue to exist without him or Stanley.

Talking about the group’s future, their manager, Doc McGhee also expressed his views. He said, “KISS is more like Doritos or Pepsi, as far as a brand name is concerned. They’re more characters than individual people.”

Hinting at a probable continuation of the band without the original member, he added,” I think [new members] have a legitimate chance to carry the franchise.”

KISS launched its farewell trek in January 2019 but was forced to put it on hold in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “End Of The Road” was originally scheduled to conclude on July 17, 2021, in New York City but has since been extended to at least early 2023.

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