Pete Townshend says The Who last tour stop “feels like the end of an era”

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Renowned guitarist Pete Townshend recently shared his thoughts about the uncertain future of the iconic rock band The Who after concluding their latest tour. The tour included a remarkable collaboration with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, culminating in a memorable performance at the historic Sandringham Estate in August.

In a candid interview with Record Collector, Pete Townshend opened up about the band’s prospects. He highlighted that he and Roger Daltrey, his longtime bandmate, are at a pivotal moment, considering this phase as the “end of an era”. He expressed his intention to have a meaningful discussion with Daltrey about the band’s direction, underscoring the significance of their next steps.

Despite his historic disinterest in touring, Townshend admitted that the recent tours, including their UK, European, and 2022 American tours, surprisingly brought him a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment. He feels fortunate to continue performing at this stage of his life, reflecting on the unique joy and satisfaction he experienced during these events.

Earlier in the year, The Who made headlines with the release of an extensive box set, “Who’s Next | Life House”.

This impressive collection boasted 155 tracks, featuring a mix of 89 previously unreleased recordings and 57 newly remixed tracks. Speaking to Uncut, Townshend acknowledged his contentment with the current state of the band, while also noting the challenges of continuing to perform at their advanced ages. This statement from Townshend underscores the band’s determination to push the boundaries of their legacy and the rock genre itself.

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