Phil Collins or Genesis: Which one sold more records

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Genesis underwent a transformative journey, marked by two distinct eras that shaped the trajectory of their musical career. The initial phase, led by Peter Gabriel as the vocalist, embraced Progressive Rock and conceptual albums. The dynamics shifted dramatically in 1975 when Gabriel departed, making way for Phil Collins, the band’s drummer since 1970, to step into the forefront.

The post-Gabriel era witnessed Genesis evolving their sound into a more commercially oriented Progressive Rock style, especially after guitarist Steve Hackett’s departure in 1977. With Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks leading the way, the band not only found a new sound but also soared to become one of the best-selling bands of all time.

In addition to his contributions to Genesis, Phil Collins embarked on a solo career, achieving remarkable success. His solo endeavors propelled him into global pop stardom during the 80s, making him one of the select few artists to exceed 100 million records in sales both as a solo act and as a band member. The question naturally arises: Who sold more records, Phil Collins or Genesis?

Despite Genesis releasing 15 studio albums compared to Collins’ eight, the numbers tell a compelling story. According to Collins’ official website, his solo career amassed an estimated 150 million records worldwide, encompassing compilations, live albums, and singles. In contrast, Genesis, as stated by the band’s official YouTube channel, sold approximately 100 million records globally. This places Collins at the forefront, surpassing Genesis by around 50 million records, according to the official sources of the artists themselves.

Let’s delve into the sales figures of Phil Collins’ and Genesis’ studio albums to gain a comprehensive understanding:

**Phil Collins’ Studio Albums Sales:**
1. “No Jacket Required” (1985) – More than 25 million copies sold
2. “But Seriously” (1989) – More than 13 million copies sold
3. “Face Value” (1981) – More than 10 million copies sold
4. “Hello, I Must Be Going” (1982) – More than 5 million copies sold
5. “Both Sides” (1993) – More than 4 million copies sold
6. “Dance Into The Light” (1996) – More than 1.7 million copies sold
7. “Testify” (2002) – More than 1.4 million copies sold
8. “Going Back” (2010) – More than 500 thousand copies sold

**Genesis’ Studio Albums Sales:**
1. “We Can’t Dance” (1991) – More than 15 million copies sold
2. “Invisible Touch” (1986) – More than 8 million copies sold
3. “Genesis” (1983) – More than 5 million copies sold
4. “Abacab” (1981) – More than 2 million copies sold
5. “And Then There Were Three” (1978) – More than 1.5 million copies sold
6. “Duke” (1980) – More than 1.4 million copies sold
7. “Selling England By The Pound” (1973) – More than 800 thousand copies sold
8. “A Trick of The Tail” (1976) – More than 800 thousand copies sold
9. “Wind & Wuthering” (1976) – More than 765 thousand copies sold
10. “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” (1974) – More than 750 thousand copies sold
11. “Calling All Stations” (1997) – More than 525 thousand copies sold
12. “Foxtrot” (1972) – More than 215 thousand copies sold
13. “Nursery Cryme” (1970) – More than 160 thousand copies sold

This detailed exploration of album sales underscores the enduring legacy of both Phil Collins and Genesis, showcasing their impact on the music industry across different eras.

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