6 Pink Floyd Songs Written By David Gilmour

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Pink Floyd is known and distinguished for its psychedelic works. The leading band in the genre of progressive rock, they became one of the greatest bands of all time. The band was full of brain-storming solos, and uplifting vocals. Roger Waters will forever be known for his genius lyrics. And Gilmour for his guitar skills and memorable melodies.

The guitarist was a late joiner to the band. But the influence he had in the band was very significant. Gilmour arrived in the band shortly before the vocalist Barrett. Not only did he influence the band, but he also shaped the whole rock world.

David was supposed to be a replacement. And even his contributions were least compared to other bandmates. But still, he worked his way out and that made the band a dream psychedelic band of all people. The lead songwriter was Roger Waters in the band. While he was the primary songwriter, here are some of the best songwriting from Gilmour himself.

Pink Floyd Songs Written By David Gilmour

Comfortably Numb

The guitar solo in this song is phenomenal. Comfortably Numb is something that will make you feel Comfortably Numb. The lyrics were written by Rogers and Gilmour wrote the whole music. The song was pretty much thought to be about drugs, but Rogers denied it all. He explained that the song was about childhood experiences, being sick, and feeling detached.

The performances of the song were also top-notch. Gilmour remembers, “It was a fantastic moment, I can tell, to be standing up on there, and Roger’s just finished singing his thing, and I’m standing there, waiting.”

“I’m in pitch darkness and no one knows I’m there yet. And Roger’s down and he finishes his line, I start mine and the big back spots and everything go on and the audience, they’re all looking straight ahead and down, and suddenly there’s all this light up there and they all sort of—their heads all lift up and there’s this thing up there and the sound’s coming out and everything.

Every night there’s this sort of ‘[gasp!]’ from about 15,000 people. And that’s quite something, let me tell you”

Wish You Were Here

The 12-string intro, the acoustic solo, the lyrics, everything about this song is perfect. The way the guitar cries in the background of the song is everything. Also, Gilmour’s lead vocal with wistful emotion is beautiful. Gilmour knows the pain of losing someone and wrote one of the greatest songs to relieve the pain.

It’s a song inspired by former bandmate Syd Barrett. The way he feels toward him is reflected in the song. His recollection of how his friend has faded away and still wished he was here, is a true bliss to listen to.


The song is all about the ferociousness of capitalism. The song captures and delivers the story of business people who abuse their power. While there are others starving, those same people get richer and more powerful using the helpless, or what we can call the ‘Sheep’.

The song is from their 1977 album Animals and is considered one of their greatest achievements. From the collaboration between David and Rogers, the song is a glorious one with gorgeous solos and great stretch from guitars.


From the album The Dark Side of the Moon, Time is a song with one of David’s greatest solos. With a funky feeling, Gilmour who sings the verses has turned this one song into a roaring one. It is one of his strongest vocal performances. It also has to be one of their most depressing songs with the highlights of real life.

Time is the most valuable detail in the world. And Time is everything that happens every second, and that’s the reason we have to value it. That’s Gilmour’s message in the song.


Again from The Dark Side of the Moon, the song is a hazy mix of guitar and keyboards. The song has a great mood and is one song that can make us feel things. The story behind the song is also very deep. It’s an elderly talking to a baby, asking him to breathe. He also, describes the world that one day the baby will have to face as an adult.

Gilmour’s vocals are wonderful in the song. It was also written alongside Rogers Waters and Richard Wright. Gilmour’s peak can be seen in this song.


Written by Gilmour and Waters, this is more on the softer side of Pink Floyd. Included in the album Meddle in 1971, this was often overshadowed by ‘One of These Days’ and ‘Echoes’.

It stands as one of the record’s best songs. The steadily building guitar and the vocals are awesome. Also, the sound of the chorus is a total pleasure to listen to. It has perceived the greatness of Pink Floyd’s glory.

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