Pink Floyd: The song David Gilmour called “a Masterpiece”

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Pink Floyd, the iconic British band, has produced numerous songs that have become musical anthems over time.

However, there is one particular creation that even the band’s own David Gilmour has hailed as a “masterpiece.”

In a 1993 interview with Guitar World, the immensely talented singer-songwriter and guitarist showered praise upon “Echoes,” the closing track of Pink Floyd’s sixth album, Meddle, as reported by Far Out Magazine.

Clocking in at a lengthy 23 minutes and 20 seconds, “Echoes” stands as a pinnacle of Pink Floyd’s discography and has rightfully earned its status as a classic during live performances.

David Gilmour expressed his sentiments about the song, stating, “I think ‘Echoes’ is the masterpiece of the album, where we were all discovering what Pink Floyd is all about.”

He went on to mention that “‘One Of These Days,’ the opening track of the LP, is a small piece that emerged from the work on ‘Echoes.'”

Gilmour’s admiration for “Echoes” didn’t stop there. He continued, “I’ve always loved it.

It’s seminal, I suppose, yeah… Meddle is really the album where the four of us were finding our feet, the way we wanted Pink Floyd to be.

Much more so than Ummagumma or Atom Heart Mother.” It’s worth noting that we previously mentioned Gilmour’s personal preference for performing “Echoes” live, further emphasizing the song’s significance to him.

In summary, “Echoes” is a monumental creation within Pink Floyd’s repertoire. Gilmour’s own endorsement of the song as a “masterpiece” showcases its exceptional quality and its role in defining the essence of Pink Floyd’s musical identity.

Its extended duration and profound musical depth have solidified “Echoes” as a timeless classic and a favorite among both fans and the band itself.

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