Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason Explains What Made Charlie Watts’ Special

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The Rolling Stones is an iconic band itself and with the band, Charlie Watts also earned his name. He joined the band back in January 1963 and helped the band to rise to the top. There is no doubt that Watts raised the bars of the Rolling Stones’ music. He not only helped his band become better but also inspired many other music artists.

Furthermore, Charlie was one of the most talented musicians out there whose name was even listed as one of the greatest drummers of all time. However, Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason still thinks that Watts was the most underrated drummer.

Watts passed away back on August 24, 2021, he was 80 years old at the time of his death. And according to Watts’ bandmate Keith Richards, Watts was battling throat cancer since 2004. And certainly, many music artists including Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Elton John, and many others paid tribute to the late drummer. One of the musicians who paid tribute to Watts was Nick Mason who as mentioned said that Watts was underrated.

Nick Mason explains what made Charlie Watts special

After his death obviously, his bandmates also paid him tribute, in fact, they even placed Watts’ picture for straight ten days on the official website of the Rolling Stones. And just like many other musicians Nick Mason also twitted about Watts.

He wrote, “So sad to lose Charlie. Possibly the most underrated of all the great rock’n’roll drummers. No master classes or tutorial books, no solos, or fancy gymnastics, just exactly the right feel for the music. RIP Charlie. Thanks for what you’ve given to so many of us who have learned from you.”

Furthermore, Mason also appeared in The Coda Collection where he talked more about Watts. He said, “I didn’t know Charlie well, at all, but I knew him a bit, he was absolutely delightful character and I just wanted to say something about what he provided, I suppose, to the band. Because one can get sort of a bit carried away with technique, particularly with drums in a way. No, actually all instruments, how fast can you play that arpeggio, whatever it is.” He further added, “I don’t think Charlie ever did a drum solo with the Stones. That says quite a lot, I think, because it wasn’t necessary. What really mattered was to keep that groove going for the band.”

It is pretty clear that Mason was also inspired by Charlie after all he still thinks that Watts is underrated although he is considered one of the greatest. However, we like to remind Mason that he is also a pretty good drummer. And he also remains one of the iconic drummers from the 70s.

Although it seems that many people don’t think that Mason is great or overlook him but he once you notice, you will realize that Nick is really a great drummer. Furthermore, he was also the mastermind behind Pink Floyd’s most popular tracks including Echoes. He is the only Pink Floyd member who is featured on each album and he is also the only persistent member of the band. And certainly, no mediocre drummer would last this long that too on one of the greatest rock bands ever.

Moreover, talking about Charlie, he will be appearing in the Rolling Stones’ new album. This news was confirmed by the band’s member Ronnie Wood. He told The Sun, “We are recording the new album now and we are going to LA in a few weeks to carry it on and finish it off. Charlie is on some of the tracks, and drummer Steve Jordan.”

Well, whatever it is we are eager to hear Charlie one last time. It has already been a year since he died however, it is clear that his legacy will remain forever and the fact that we are still talking about him is strong proof of that.

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