Richie Sambora Publicly Reacts To Jon Bon Jovi’s ‘Clearly Not Great’ Vocals

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Richie Sambora, former member of Bon Jovi, recently weighed in on the band’s dynamics and Jon Bon Jovi’s vocals in response to online chatter. The conversation ignited when Bon Jovi announced signed versions of their latest album ‘Forever,’ sparking discussions among fans on various platforms.

As fans questioned the availability of signed albums outside the US, suspicions arose regarding an individual allegedly hoarding copies for dubious giveaways. This individual, referred to cryptically as “he who shall not be named,” was identified by some as Jerry Braden, the host of Bon Jovi Discussions, who purportedly made disparaging remarks about Sambora on social media.

In the midst of this online discourse, users criticized Jon Bon Jovi’s vocals, suggesting a decline in quality despite his claims of vocal cord surgery improving his voice. Sambora echoed these sentiments, responding with a succinct “Unfortunately clearly not…”

Sambora’s departure from Bon Jovi in 2013 has kept fans curious about potential reunions or collaborations. In a previous interview, Sambora hinted at the possibility of rejoining the band after a decade and addressed concerns over Jon Bon Jovi’s vocal health. Acknowledging the need for Jon to take a breather to address vocal issues, Sambora emphasized the importance of delivering for the fans, hinting at a potential reunion in the future.

While Sambora’s comments shed light on the complexities within Bon Jovi, fans remain hopeful for a reunion that could see the former guitarist back in the fold, alongside Jon Bon Jovi, for the ultimate rock comeback.


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