Ringo Starr Turns 83, But Admits That ‘In My Head, I’m 27’

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Ringo Starr, the iconic drummer of the Beatles, is gearing up to celebrate his 83rd birthday on July 7. However, age seems to have little effect on Starr, as he maintains a youthful perspective and a busy lifestyle. In his own words, he still feels like he’s 27.

Reflecting on his early days with the Beatles, Starr recalls an encounter with a band member from Helen Shapiro’s group, who was 40 years old at the time. The realization that musicians could continue their passion well into their older years left a lasting impression on him.

Starr’s birthday celebration includes his annual Peace & Love event, where he encourages fans worldwide to spread a wave of peace and love at noon on July 7. Whether it’s through making the peace sign, using the hashtag #peaceandlove on social media, or simply thinking positive thoughts, Starr wants everyone to participate. The event has grown over the years, with celebrations taking place in various cities globally, including Los Angeles, Tokyo, Sydney, New York, Buenos Aires, and Liverpool. Even NASA contributes by transmitting a pre-recorded message from Starr into the universe. (People)

The concept of “peace and love” has been deeply ingrained in Starr since the 1960s. He jokes that he’s more renowned for his affinity for peace and love and his on-stage jumping jacks than for his music. Having a positive outlook on life comes naturally to him, and despite occasional moments of melancholy, he keeps his spirits high.

Starr’s musical journey continues as he collaborates with former bandmate Paul McCartney on a new song that features John Lennon’s vocals extracted from an old demo. The project was made possible with the help of director Peter Jackson, who utilized a machine named after Beatles roadie Mal Evans to isolate Lennon’s voice from the recording.

The legacy of the Beatles remains a source of awe for Starr. He fondly recalls the band’s humble aspirations at the beginning, thinking their career would last only a few years. Yet, their musical journey lasted eight years, producing numerous iconic tracks.

While more information about the forthcoming Beatles project is yet to be revealed, fans can look forward to a taste of it in November. Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney will join Peter Frampton and Mick Fleetwood in a new rendition of “Let It Be” on Dolly Parton’s upcoming album, Rockstar.

As for future collaborations, Starr remains open to surprises and enjoys working with his friends. He jokingly adds that he expects to be inundated with requests but prefers to collaborate with artists he knows. He often contributes his drumming skills to tracks remotely, playing the drums and sending the recorded tracks back to the artists. He also stays up-to-date with new music through the Los Angeles-based radio station 88.5, which exposes him to emerging talents.

Ringo Starr expresses gratitude for the enduring popularity of the Beatles’ music across generations. Their songs continue to resonate with listeners, and the band’s records are still being sold, remastered, and released with new arrangements and outtakes.

As his birthday approaches, Starr anticipates the tradition of having a piece of cake in Liverpool. While he strives to maintain a sugar-free lifestyle, he follows the tradition of taking a forkful of cake on his special day.

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