Ritchie Blackmore Shares The Main Problem In Deep Purple’s Music

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The 20th century was full of raw talented music artists and among those talented artists’ lists also comes the name, Ritchie Blackmore. Most of his fans may know that he is not the type of person who enjoys or likes jamming for fun but music is very serious to him. He is also a veteran music artist who has been a part of several bands including Deep Purple, Rainbow, Blackmore’s Night, Mostly Autumn, The Outlaws, and The Trip.

Since he has worked with this many bands, there is no overlooking this guy’s musical talent. He is known for being the founding member and former guitarist of Deep Purple, however, he is also popular because of his amazing guitar riffs and melody.

Blackmore along with other bandmates formed Deep Purple back in March 1968 and they are one of the most influential hard rock bands of all time. Furthermore, they were also listed as the globe’s loudest band by the Guinness Book of World Records in 1975. And they have sold more than a hundred million albums globally making them one of the best-selling bands.

Back in 1993, Deep Purple fans were sad because Blackmore decided to cut his ties with the band. He left the band because of his personal problems and when he talked to Long Island Weekly years later, he point out the main problem Deep Purple has.

Ritchie Blackmore reveals the main problem in Deep Purple

Even though Blackmore and others formed Deep Purple on good terms, it is pretty clear that Blackmore and others did not get along much which is why he choose to leave the band. Furthermore, it is believed that they had creative differences which created a tiff between them.

As mentioned he told Long Island Weekly in an interview what the main problem Deep Purple had and it seems that also answers why he left the band for good. He said in the interview, “Melody is very important to me. It’s an important thing. That’s why, even in Deep Purple, towards the end, before I left, our music was a bit monophonic. There wasn’t too much melody, and if I don’t hear a melody, I can’t be inspired. I find that with a lot of hard rock bands today—not the death metal or whatever—the melody is certainly not there, and I can’t relate to that.”

From his statement, we can guess that other members of Deep Purple did not care much for melody and since melody was really important to Blackmore, that may be how the tension started in the band.

Furthermore, even though it was not clear the main reason why he left the band, we can still consider it as one of the reasons, why? well because when he was asked why he left the band, he replied that there were no people with whom he wanted to record.

However, it was not the only time that Blackmore had left the band. Before 1993, Ritchie had left the band in 1974 to form another band, Rainbow. However, he returned to Deep Purple ten years later in 1984 again. And according to the bassist of Deep Purple Roger Clover, Ritchie is a single-minded person so it made it hard for them while create or make new music he also believes that Ritchie’s decision to leave the band was probably for the best.

Well, disputes and creative differences inside the band are nothing new as we have all seen several other bands that had disputes.

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