Robert Plant “Can’t find words” to write new music

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In a recent discourse with Rolling Stone to broadcast their impending circuit with Alison Krauss, the duo divulged their current undertakings. Krauss disclosed her return to the studio’s embrace, whilst Plant confessed to sifting through the archives of his yet-to-be-released and unfinished projects.

Probed about his engagement with fresh compositions, Robert Plant elucidated: “I possess a Tascam digital recorder. With it, I vocalize, channeling my voice through a guitar pedal before capturing it on this device. The outcome is splendid. What then, is the allure of a studio? Alas, the quest for the right words is arduous in these trying times.”

Plant also shared his reluctance to contemplate cessation of his musical voyage. “The saga must persist,” he asserted. “Today found me poring over my compendiums of lyrics, stirred by the urgency to rediscover my rhythm. I have tales yet untold. Hence, I shall forge ahead — buoyed as long as there are contraptions to augment my voice.”

In another segment of the dialogue with Rolling Stone, Plant and Krauss unveiled the itinerary for their forthcoming ‘Can’t Let Go’ tour across North America, slated for the summer. The odyssey commences on June 2 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, spanning 30 performances and concluding on September 1 in Vail, Colorado, with anticipations of additional shows.

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