Robert Plant names the 4 songs that represent Led Zeppelin

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Robert Plant, the iconic voice behind Led Zeppelin, isn’t just a singer. He is a storyteller, a force of nature, and a name that has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Alongside the brilliant talents of his bandmates, Plant took music to dizzying heights, ensuring that each song was a journey – a memorable experience both onstage and in recordings.

Recounting a conversation with Tony Bacon in 1980, Plant delved into the magic behind some of Led Zeppelin’s standout tracks.

He particularly favored “The Ocean” from the 1973 album, Houses of the Holy. He reminisced, “It’s a track cloaked in fascinating echo effects.

It’s like a mirage, something that hints at being tangible but is just out of reach. The essence of the song lies in its promise of an unreal, idyllic love – that’s where it all began for me.” The influence of rock & roll and the innovative voice effects made this piece a treasure.

When prompted to highlight the remarkable talents of his fellow band members, Plant couldn’t help but beam with pride. Speaking of the legendary drummer John Bonham, he chose “The Crunge,” another gem from Houses of the Holy.

Plant described Bonham’s talent as a delicate balance of intensity and subtlety. “Bonzo had this innate ability. He was flamboyant yet nuanced. His drum fills weren’t just for show; they were precise, meaningful, and impeccably timed.”

Then there’s the enigmatic Jimmy Page, whose guitar skills often felt otherworldly. Plant lauded his performance on “In My Time of Dying” from the Physical Graffiti album.

“It’s a sprawling, raw blues masterpiece with tantalizing slide guitar elements,” Plant remarked. He depicted it as an authentic blues journey that grips the listener from the very outset.

Of course, we can’t forget the masterful bassist, John Paul Jones. Plant’s admiration was evident as he reflected on Jones’ unparalleled technique in “The Song Remains the Same,” the opening track of Houses of the Holy. “John was in a league of his own. His approach to bass was scholarly, yet it brimmed with passion and creativity.”

In essence, while Robert Plant’s voice was the flagbearer for Led Zeppelin, it was the collective genius of all its members that propelled the band into the annals of rock history.

“The Ocean”

“The Crunge”

“In My Time of Dying”

“The Song Remains the Same”

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