Robert Plant names the band that was “out of this world”

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Robert Plant, the iconic rock musician from Led Zeppelin, is widely recognized today. However, his early career took a different trajectory.

Before joining forces with Jimmy Page, Plant was the frontman of a relatively unknown band called Band of Joy.

While success wasn’t a constant during that time, Robert Plant looks back with immense fondness on the era, especially the vibrant music scene and the talented musicians who dominated it.

Among those musicians, one artist stood out for Plant—Jeff Beck, whom he regarded as “out of this world.”

During a conversation with Ken Bruce on BBC Radio 2 in 2021, Plant revealed that the song that transports him back to those joyous times is “I Ain’t Superstitious,” originally by Howlin’ Wolf but brilliantly reimagined by Jeff Beck in 1968.

Following his departure from the Yardbirds, Beck’s fame continued to soar, and Plant held unwavering admiration for the guitarist, a bond that formed during their days of playing in sweaty clubs.

“At that time, Jeff Beck, along with Jimmy Page, was one of the influential guitarists of the mid to late ’60s. Rod Stewart was also part of this remarkable celebration.

‘I Ain’t Superstitious’ is a song that emerged from Chicago, and both Rod and Jeff brought it to life.

When Led Zeppelin first arrived in America, their performances were nothing short of extraordinary. They were truly incredible.”

Beck and Stewart collaborated on the track, showcasing their daring and innovative approach to rock music.

Although the Jeff Beck Group didn’t achieve the long-lasting success of Led Zeppelin, they burned brightly during their time together.

Robert Plant vividly recalls witnessing their electrifying performances in the United States.

In 2023, the music world mourned the loss of Jeff Beck. Plant penned a heartfelt tribute to his dear friend, with whom he shared more than half a century of friendship.

“Jeff always seemed timeless, constantly evolving,” Plant wrote. “He embraced new projects with boundless energy and enthusiasm.”

This tribute captured Beck’s enduring impact on Plant and highlighted his relentless pursuit of artistic growth.

Robert Plant’s musical journey, from Band of Joy to Led Zeppelin, was profoundly influenced by the extraordinary talent and spirit of Jeff Beck.

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