Robert Plant regarding old bands: “They start to sadly deteriorate.”

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Robert Plant, the renowned vocalist of the legendary band Led Zeppelin, shared his thoughts on the evolving landscape of Rock ‘N’ Roll music. In an interview with Mojo magazine, he discussed his latest collaborative project with American Bluegrass and Country singer Alison Krauss, titled “Raise The Roof.” During the interview, Plant expressed his views on older bands that continue to perform together after several decades, describing them as “sadly worn out” and giving him the impression that they are desperately clinging to their past glory.

Plant explained, “Alison and I have something special because we connect on a deeper level. Most musicians form a band and stick together until the end, whether it’s been 20, 30, or even 50 years. But eventually, the band’s performance starts to deteriorate, and it feels like they are holding onto a lifeboat or staying within their comfort zone.”

Speaking about his musical partnership with Alison Krauss, Plant added, “What sets us apart is that we are not bound by rigid constraints. We were ready to explore something new, and knowing how amazing it was in the past, we can come together again and see where our creativity takes us. We have nothing to lose.”

Led Zeppelin disbanded in 1980 after the tragic passing of their drummer, John Bonham. While the group has reunited for occasional concerts since then, Plant has firmly dismissed the idea of an official Led Zeppelin reunion. He expressed concerns about preserving the band’s legacy if they were to continue performing well into their old age. In 2017, Plant acknowledged, “We can never truly go back. It’s challenging enough to repeat something that happened a year ago, let alone something that transpired 49 years ago. I must keep pushing forward.”

During the recent lockdown, Plant revealed some of the dreams he had, including vivid moments featuring John Bonham, which provided him with solace and relief. He also mentioned dreams involving his late son, Karac, who tragically passed away at the age of five in 1977 due to a stomach virus.

“Raise The Roof,” their upcoming album, is scheduled for release on November 19 through Warner Music. This project marks the second collaboration between Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, following their successful album “Raising Sand” released in 2007. The duo’s creative synergy continues to evolve, allowing them to explore new artistic territories while cherishing their musical journeys together.

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